The magic of the good old days at your table

Even as a little girl, I mostly liked to spend time with my grandmother Vera. I called her Nana. I always felt her warmth, a soft look that always looked after me and a soft voice that taught me everything. With my Nana, for the first time I felt the magic of local cuisine and the power of tradition.


Although Nana taught me to make various treats, what especially filled me up with joy was the traditional making of jams every year. Lots of fruits, pots, all that crunching and mixing, conversations during making jams, smiles … Everything was part of the magic which you could feel in every bite while eating the jams.


Since then, I have grown, but I have never stopped learning from my grandmother of Vera. One of her lessons I remembered very well was: “The best things should be shared with others”.


That’s how the Magical bite was founded, my way to share with you the best of our tradition – the natural jams that bring together the family, arouse emotions, and bring us all together.


In order to combine modern and traditional, I added various organic spices to the jams I make. So enhanced, natural jams bring you new beneficial effects, strengthen your health with the taste that you will want to share with others, preserve tradition and make your loved ones remember the present as good old times


Welcome to the Magical bite,

Natural jams from Serbia


Yours truly, Katarina Jovanovic

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